Woodcrest, Hazelwood, MO


Quality installs stainless steel metal roofing! Check out this 5500 sq ft home we completed in Hazelwood, MO. Absolutely gorgeous look with a 50 year warranty. Call us for a worry free estimate today. We’re not finished until you’re beaming with excitement about the beauty and integrity of your roof. That’s our motto and what makes us a superpower in this business.


 Afshari Circle, Florissant, MO 



This homeowner had storm damage to their house and barn.  After years of the barn leaking due to improper installation we took on the project.  The barn needed all new rafters before we could even start to install the metal roof.  The building wasn’t square so we had to custom cut every single panel.  At the end of the day we have a beautiful house and barn with new gutters throughout (we threw in the gutters on the barn for FREE.  The old ones looked like Swiss cheese they had so many holes.  With this project we had two happy customers that couldn’t believe their eyes how this project turned out and they didn’t have to lift a finger.  We make life easy for our customers because that’s what doing great business is all about.


Lemp ave, Benton Park Neighborhood



Our favorite part of being in the home improvement industry is bring this city BACK TO LIFE.  We took this boarded up property in Benton Park where the roof had failed years before and restored it to perfect condition.  Replacing all necessary wood and flashing properly is where most roofers fall short and it’s where we excel.  Our quality is in the detail work.. No job is too challenging.  We can turn any coal into a diamond and for just the right price as well.  We love Saint Louis and making it beautiful is the best part of our job.


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